Believe in where you are headed.

This photo was taken on my hike the other day here in Nashville. I was walking in the most magical enchanted forest. It literally felt like I projected myself into a real life peaceful meditation, like the kind we all download to get calm and grounded.

I was processing some hardships I was dealing with and looked up, listened and felt so one with God/ the universe in this mystical place.  I started to ask the universe/ God/ higher power for help with a few things I have been going through and I herd the words, “Lori, I am helping you.” I stopped dead in tracks and got it!!!

We all get attached to life flowing peaceful and joyfully but without challenges or hardships we don’t grow. Life is not linear it comes with many different twists and turns that helps mold us into becoming the highest version of ourselves. These challenges we all face are actually gifts when you can connect with the message and find the lesson and than apply it moving forward. 🌲

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