Benefits of Nose Breathing

All you pregnant mamas (and people in general) are going to love me for this one...did you know that if you mouth breathe during the night while sleeping, you will have to wake up to use the bathroom more?! If you sleep with your mouth closed or taped shut, however, you won't?! As you could imagine, this extends to your little ones as that mouth breathe during the night are more likely to wet the bed!

It's all about nitric oxide release and cellular hydration. Mouth breathing does not effectively release nitric oxide, which means your cells are not getting as much oxygen as through nasal breathing. By taping your mouth shut (if you aren't already a nose breather), you increase the amount of nitric oxide (which is also a natural relaxant) circulating in your blood. This has a range of benefits including; better cellular hydration and an overall increase in oxygen uptake.

 A few more benefits of nose breathing include:

  • activates diaphragmatic breathing
  • reduces snoring
  • filters the air entering the body
  • improves memory
  • reduces fatigue
  • keeps your mouth pH balanced
  • helps prevent tooth decay and gingivitis 

Now I know my pregnant mamas are thinking, 'But I have a stuffy nose' - so here are a few things to can do to try and reduce stuffiness and gain the benefits of nose breathing during pregnancy too! 

  1. Diffuse eucalyptus oil in the air
  2. Sleep with your head elevated
  3. Try acupressure on the sinus area

Finally, be sure to increase your daily hydration with our Prenatal Vitamin Powder + Electrolytes so that you are hydrated and ready for a restful nights sleep.





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