Don't forget how powerful you are during birth.


Your feminine energy is where your intuition resides. It’s in the softness, the heart and in the feelings. During birth as the portal (you) opens your crown chakra (top of head) and root chakra (perineum) busts open and all the other chakras in between as well to allow this spirit to move through you.

You will get Labor shakes from all the hormones but it’s also serious energy being moved, cleared and opened. (think of yoga, breathwork or even sometimes before having an orgasm how you shake while energy is being released). When you are this open you are one with spirit/ God / the universe. You have direct access to a higher power, your intuition, source energy. Tune in and FOLLOW IT!

When one walks out of such a gateway of this magnitude (postpartum) you are still in this energy, you are still open, you are still in this heightened intuitive state. Just like a newborn baby who is raw and open so are you because you have just been born anew.

Remember this when doubt creeps in when pregnant, birthing and as a new mom to trust yourself to know that you know what you and your baby needs more than anyone does. You have all the knowledge within because you are the power. xoxoox Lori Bregman 

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