Holistic Remedies To Help Boost Male Fertility

When most people think infertility often thoughts drift to the woman ; However did you know that 20 perfcent of infertility is due to the man ?

Here is a few holistic remedies you can do, take and avoid to improve sperm count and sperm mobility . Obviously there are many choices here and you don’t need to take them all .Choose a few that resonate with you . There is a male fertility supplement ( you can buy on line ) that has a bunch of this stuff in it called –  Procreation male fertility support  by Nutraceuticals .

Remedies to help boost male fertility : 

Vitamin E- Essential for reproduction . Good for sperm mobility and from sperm clumping together ( 400- 600 mg per day )
Selenium – 100 mg and best taken with vit E ) helps improve sperm formation great source is brazil nuts
Zinc – ( 50 mg of elemental zinc per day ) Improves fertility , increases sperm count , raises testosterone levels and helps with impotence. A few foods that are high in zinc – pumpkin seeds , oysters , split peas , egg yolks , oats , ginger , liver , lima beans , garlic, beans , steak and lamb , almond and walnuts .

Maca root – I have all my girls going through fertility on this and tell them to give it their man as well ! – ( Love this magical root ) for men Maca root increases sperm volume , mobility and count as well as increases the libido and sex drive.

Antioxidants – Eating foods that are a good source of antioxidants such as Beans, artichoke, pomegranates, goji berries, acai berries,cranberries, blackberries, blue berries and taking a Good vitamin C supplement can  all help with sperm quality . I once knew of a guy who had the reversal vasectomy surgery afterwards his doctor prescribed high level antioxidant supplement and now has 2 children .

Panax Ginseng and Astragalus – Increases sex drive , sperm volume , mobility and count

The Amino Acid Arginine – Helps with sperm function , blood flow and helps with impotence.

Omega 3 fatty acids – Increase blood flow and enhance sperm mobility

Eat garlic and onions – Believe it or not they are powerful aphrodisiacs . An old remedies to ward off infertility was to cook meals that included using a red onion .

Drink our Seedlyfe Fertility Smoothie daily.

My top yoga fertility pose for both men and woman is to lay  on the ground with your legs up the wall – This floods your reproductive organs with blood which increases fertility in both men and woman . 10 minutes a day morning and night . Great to practice deep belly breathing by placing your hands on your lower belly , breathing in a 4 count slow deep breath and exhaling a 4 count breath as you let every part of your body relax .

– Avoid Smoking ( including smoking pot), drugs and alcohol as they dramatically decrease sperm count and mobility
-Cut back on caffeine as it has been shown to cut your fertility in half.

– Avoid tight underware,  wear boxers instead .

-No hot tubs or super hot baths

-Stay off  or limit your time on the bike

-Avoid excessive stress – Go exercise , do yoga or meditate or find something to help manage your stress .

-Limit your exposure to environmental hazards such as pesticides ,heavy metals and mercury .


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If you are really born with a very low sperm count. There is nothing wrong with trying any food supplement that aids low sperm cells. However, if your problem with diminishing fertility is due to your unhealthy lifestyle, you better a holistic approach then.

Tony Elks July 05, 2019

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