Let’s talk egg health and quality!

The growth phase for an egg in preparation for ovulation is around 90 days.  During the 90 days, the growth of the egg can be influenced by environmental factors such as the amount of blood flow, amount of oxygen available, your nutritional status, hormonal balance and stress levels. This means you have the ability to start nourishing and nurturing your future children right now!

Taking the Seedlyfe Fertility blend alongside a high quality pre-natal vitamin daily will help support the endocrine and reproductive system, reduce cell and DNA damage to improve egg health, restore hormone balance, promote healthy cervical mucas, increase blood flow and boost libido*! Consistency is the key. Almost all of our pregnant clients report taking the Seedlyfe fertility powder daily!

We also recommend drinking two liters of water a day, light exercise and acupuncture to further increase blood flow as well as lowering stress levels through mediation or yoga.

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