Partner Appreciation

“A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.” Many times people tend to overly focus on what the other person is doing wrong and not enough time being grateful for what they are doing right. They compare their partner to their friends’ partners, sisters relationship, even strangers controlled content on social media. When doing this, you don’t see, appreciate, or celebrate the person you are with for who they are.

Each and every one of us is unique and one of a kind. We all have special gifts as well as flaws that make us who we are. I always use the comparison of a banana to an apple, you can’t make a banana be an apple but you can enjoy and appreciate the banana in its own special way.

A practice for partners that I share in my Mindful-Mom-To-Be class is; each night, before bed, connect in with your partner and take turns expressing to one another something you appreciate about each other. This can be a quality, something they did today that helped you, or something you like or love about them. Being gracious and appreciative is a lifestyle where you will see just how abundant your life and relationship truly is instead of focusing on what it lacks. And I promise when you both feel seen and appreciated each one of you will do lots more of that.



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