One theme from my Mindful Mom-To-Be Virtual Group Coaching Program is self-care.

I guide all the mamas through some calming breathwork and a bunch of different kinds of journal prompts. We jump into meditation and from it create an energetic bubble of peace for mama and baby to simmer in during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

We work on boundaries, looking at what might be out of balance in their life in an effort to eliminate what isn’t serving them at this time. I use body scans to tune into their physical needs. We make nurture/feel-good lists and create morning and evening transition rituals.

I love teaching self-care and the importance of it! There is a book by Dr. Emoto, “The Healing Power of Water,” where he shows how when people pray over water and feel love, and joy or express gratitude the water forms beautiful crystals. Conversely, when they felt anger and stress the crystals were deformed. What is your baby surrounded by during pregnancy? WATER! What’s done to mama is done to baby as you are two souls living under one skin. The way you feel and think matters, who and where you surround yourself with makes a difference in how you feel.

When you are a new mom, you have got to put the oxygen mask on yourself, as the saying goes, “it’s hard to serve from an empty vessel”. Children ride off your energy! One of the best ways to calm your child is first to calm and ground your own energy. Taking time for yourself to refuel (even if it’s a 5-minute bath, a meditation, or doing 3 rounds of breathwork) is not selfish, it’s an act of self-love that will in turn make you a better parent. Children are little sponges watching mimicking and absorbing all that you are and do. By taking care of yourself you are leading by an example of self-love.

Learn all of this and more in my 12-week Virtual Mindful Mom-To-Be class! The next round begins January 17, 2023!



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