Take a Beat...

I have been doing tons of coaching with my clients lately and this has come up for so many in relationships…. so I wanted to share with you all some words of wisdom 🙌.

So much conflict can be avoided if you pause and take a beat before reacting to an emotional inner trigger that might not have anything to do with the other person. It’s so important when you are emotionally charged, not to act out and vomit your emotional stuff all over someone. Whenever I am triggered by something someone says or does I know it’s a sign that there is something inside of me that needs tending to and some kind of inner work and healing needs to be done.

Always practice the pause before reacting from an emotional place. This takes self-awareness to know what’s yours and what is someone else’s. Not everything needs to be talked about. Very often the growth comes from being able to pause and go within and allow the space to feel what was triggered inside of you. Let’s face it, it’s not comfortable to sit in your wound, it’s a lot easier to project your uncomfortableness onto others and blame them for it.

If you can, take a beat and sit with it, feel it, and tend to this part of yourself that got triggered. Once the emotional charge is gone and you feel a need to express yourself, you will be coming from a very different, clearer place where they will be more receptive to hearing you. You might even find that nothing needs to be said, it was the just gift of healing you needed to free yourself up.



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