Celebrity doula Lori Bregman brings her unique blend of healing, spirituality, nutrition and wellness to Seedlyfe where she empowers women to find their voice in pregnancy and create a solid, healthy foundation. The author of The Mindful Mom to Be, The Doula Deck and Mamaste, Lori works with women throughout all stages of their personal transformation from fertility through pregnancy, into motherhood and beyond. Her joy comes from educating women on their choices throughout their intricate journeys from the womb through childhood. Always striving to make each person better than before she met them, Lori enjoys planting seeds of consciousness and awareness to help women find their truth in the fertility and pregnancy experience and supporting them in whatever they need to be healthy in the process. 

It was during her time as a doula and wellness coach to the stars that Lori began to make her signature smoothie blends that her clients found to be not just delicious, but actually successful in helping them conceive. Seeing firsthand the magic of her holistic method, Lori knew she had something enormously profound on her hands that she needed to share with the world. She teamed up with her business-minded client Anna to create a natural, quality product for every woman.

Throughout her career, Lori has studied with and learned from some of the most renowned healers and spiritual teachers across the world. These teachers have shared with her their wisdom, from spirituality, intuition, body/mind awareness, herbs/vitamins, aromatherapy oils and the healing power of foods to doula work, bodywork, yoga, nutrition and numerous other forms of holistic healing. She brings this knowledge and inspiration to Seedlyfe in order to bring the top products and formulas to the table.

Lori lives with her three precious pups in her treehouse sanctuary in Topanga, California.

Anna Rawson Headshot


Anna Rawson’s experience as an Australian professional golfer, mother of two, and businesswoman brings an original and refreshing perspective to Seedlyfe. A pro athlete from a young age, Anna was trained to be aware of everything going into her body and became enthralled with wellness and nutrition. During her time as a professional golfer, Anna worked with some of the leading health and nutrition experts to help maximize her performance and develop her body through the power of nutrition. Convenience was a huge factor for Anna who was always on the go as an athlete and mother. 

Anna retired from full-time playing at the end of 2010 and received her MBA from Columbia where she focused on VC/Entrepreneurship. A born researcher and naturally curious, Anna dove into a world of supplements and vitamins in search of maximum health potential. It was her journey to get pregnant that drove home the need for more research and trustworthy products on the market - especially when it came to fertility. She teamed up with her doula, Lori, and together they began the groundbreaking recipe that is Seedlyfe.

Anna lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two children.