Acai and Wild Blueberry- High in antioxidants for healthy aging and cell support*

Ashwagandha-  Eases anxiety and stress, supports adrenals and healthy nervous system, promotes vitality*

Avocado- Good fat for healthy skin, brain and heart* 

Banana- mood boosting* 

Black Cohosh- Reduces hot flashes and night sweats, aids sleep, uplifts the spirit, eases vaginal dryness*

Broccoli– High in calcium and fiber to prevent weight gain/bloating, helps maintain healthy estrogen*   

Chamomile- promotes deep sleep and helps reduce hot flashes by 95% when paired with red clover*

Chia seed- Rich in omegas, antioxidants and calcium for healthy bones and teeth* 

Chick Pea Protein- Natural estrogen builder and good source of Vitamin D* 

Collagen- lubricates healthy joints and dry skin, prevents bone loss, supports heart health muscle mass* 

Coconut water- Replenishes electrolytes from sweating and hydrates the body* 

Dong Quai– Fights depression, lowers blood pressure and sugar, immune booster, relieves dry eyes*

Flaxseeds- Eases constipation and hot flashes, rich in omegas for healthy skin and brain*

Holy basil- supports healthy thyroid, immune builder, supports adrenals, eases fatigue, anxiety, and stress*  

Kale and Spinach- Natural laxative, high in calcium, antioxidants and iron for healthy cells and blood*

Maca– Energy, stamina and libido booster, hormone balancer, eases hot flashes and combats anxiety*

Red Clover- improves cardiovascular health, decreases hot flashes, night sweats and cholesterol*

Rhodiola-  Helps with stress, anti-aging, longevity, focus, memory and mental fatigue* 

Stinging Nettles- High in minerals/vitamins, rehydrates vaginal tissue, helps ease arthritis and relieves fatigue*

Vitamin E-  Reduces hot flashes, muscle cramps and vaginal dryness, and supports anti-aging* 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease