Founders Seedlyfe

One of Lori’s passions was learning about the healing properties of food, herbs, and supplements. She began making blends and healthy concoctions over 15 years ago for herself, friends and all her celebrity clients. The success of her fertility smoothie quickly gained traction in magazines and went viral on the internet. When Lori wrote her first book “The mindful mom to be” she created a pregnancy and postnatal smoothie as well as others for women (and men) at all stages of their lives. 

When Anna hired Lori to be her doula in 2017 they quickly realized Anna had been taking many of the supplements in Lori’s smoothie and had seen first hand the powerful effects in going through successful IVF. 

They both knew the supplements really worked and could help so many but it was necessary to deliver them in the most convenient and delicious way. They quickly found a top-quality USA manufacturer and had the recipes approved by dietitians and doctors to deliver all the necessary nutrients in one easy to use scoop! They did not cut corners on ingredients. They included all the powerful superfoods, herbs and adaptogens at the highest quality with no synthetic ingredients or fillers. It had to be drinkable for everyone (let’s face it powerful superfoods combined DO NOT taste great) so they used natural sweeteners and flavors so the busiest person could throw a scoop in water, shake and drink it easily. 

Seedlyfe products have helped thousands of women all over the world get pregnant, have a healthy pregnancy, feel replenished after birth, increase breast milk supply and combat Menopause and PMS symptoms.

S E E D L Y F E   M I S S I O N

Our mission is to help as many women as possible have healthy fertility, pregnancy, new motherhood, pms and menopause experiences. We believe food is medicine and that certain foods and supplements can help with fertility, pregnancy, lactation support, pms and menopause symptoms.

We have experienced first hand the healing properties of powerful superfoods, herbs and adaptogens and promise to deliver these conveniently and easily to people all over the world. 

Our mission is to empower women to shine as big and bright as they can be and help them flourish in all areas of their life. 

Hearing our customer success stories inspires us everyday!