"I'm excited to know that there is a high quality prenatal vitamin out there now that can do two things, hydrate you and supply you with the appropriate nutrients throughout pregnancy and thereafter without taking 10000 pills" Dr Phabby Afflack - OBGYN

"Seedlyfe Prenatal Powdered Vitamin checks all the boxes for me! As a nutritional supplement it meets the body's needs towards maintaining a healthy pregnancy, while also encouraging hydration! I Cannot recommend this product enough" Abby Vidikan L.M

"As a midwife and herbalist to see a product like this that meets multiple needs is super exciting and “next-level” cutting edge. Great formulation, incredible taste, hydrating and a one stop product. I will definitely be recommending to all” Aleks Evanguelidi LM  

This is a total game changer!! There’s nothing else out there like this. I am very picky with my vitamins and this has it all. You’re getting A LOT of vitamins for the one scoop. The flavor of it weirdly makes me feel less queasy! The electrolytes make me feel more hydrated than just drinking plain water. I put it in my Stanley cup with some ice in the morning and sip on it throughout the day. I actually like how it tastes and I don’t get sick from swallowing a huge pill. I am convinced it absorbs better this way too. Love it Seedlyfe please never stop making this!!! Sharon

I’m postpartum and this mix has been a lifesaver. The taste is not sweet like other hydration and vitamin solutions so it was easy for me to drink during and after pregnancy. It’s always been hard for me to swollen pills and this drink saved me during and post pregnancy to ensure I am getting the vitamins I need for me and baby. Now that I’m breastfeeding it makes it even easier to stay hydrated while getting the nutrients I need. I drink so much more water now as I look forward to this refreshing mix. Marissa

I’ve done my homework, and let me tell you, this is the absolute BEST prenatal available on the market. I used to use a different powder brand with methylated B vitamins but had to blend it with frozen fruit to try to mask over the aftertaste. Plus, the other brand still irritated my nausea since I couldn’t tolerate eating much in the mornings. With Seedlyfe, I’m able to sip at my drink throughout the morning and I never have that “I just ingested a ton of vitamins on an empty stomach” feeling. It’s like magic or something! Plus it tastes awesome!! I have found the Mecca of prenatals and also my new favorite summertime drink! So refreshing, and I highly recommend putting it “on the rocks”! Crunchy Mama

Great for Hangovers, too!"
"I am taking this Prenatal in preparation to try to conceive, to get my body as primed as possible. When my last period started, I went out with some girlfriends and had a bit too much fun... I don't know what it is, the electrolytes or the lemon and ginger or B vitamins, but I started sipping the Prenatal over ice the next morning and no longer felt like death warmed over! Totally sold me that this stuff is the real deal, healthful, supportive, and replenishing what our body needs most!

Ok, I was 100% skeptical at first. How could a vitamin powder taste like anything other than a .. well .. vitamin? I was fully prepared for this to taste like the flinstone vitamins our parents forced upon us millennials. YALL!! This stuff is some type of witchcraft. It tastes like a refreshing summer beverage, especially if you include ice. It has a really nice citrus flavor and you feel good drinking it. I love that I am getting all the vitamins I need on top of electrolytes so I’m really hydrating myself. And now, I don’t have to swallow a massive horse pill. If you’re on the fence, just go for it! You won’t regret it. This is my new go-to! 

Swallowing those big bad-testing pills has been so tough, especially while already nauseous. This powder is saving my life. It tastes great and I'm very impressed with the high-quality vitamin & minerals ...I feel in good hands !