"I love the incredibly rich blend of superfoods and plant protein in the Seedlyfe Fertility Smoothie, many of which have been shown to improve fertility and even enhance IVF response and outcomes. Plus it gives very busy patients the convenience of so many antioxidants in one scoop!"  - Dr. Wendy Chang M.D, F.A.C.O.G

"Thank you for creating such a wonderful blend! We got our first positive month 3 after 2.5 years of trying!!! Our twins arrived last month"

"One of my best friends lives in Denver and has been trying to get pregnant for two years. I told her about the Seedlyfe fertility product and she started taking it. You guessed it, my sweet 39-year-old friend is pregnant with her first child and beyond excited"

“We attempted IVF at the beginning of the year and only 6 eggs retrieved. 3 of the 6 were implanted and failed. Desperate to try anything to help improve my egg quality and quantity, I stumbled upon Molly Sims blog and it eventually led me to Seedlyfe. In April, I ordered my first fertility blend and I took it everyday.  My next IVF round in June yielded 12 eggs and 11 fertilized.  My team of doctors and nurses were shocked!  I am now a few weeks pregnant!”

"I took the fertility blend, because I've had sever Endo for years and I've done massive body work and healing around it, but something was missing - hormones were still up and down, still in some pain here and there - my intuition told  after I read all the ingredients in that specific blend that it would help. And it did - NO PAIN! I'm also pregnant!"

“I can’t believe how great these powders taste!! I was reluctant to try the fertility blend when I saw all the superfoods because I had tried superfoods before and couldn't get them down because they tasted so bad!! I was desperate so ordered anyway and was so surprised by the delicious taste - I can even drink it in water!! I am now on the pregnancy blend and its saving me through my horrible morning sickness” - Sam

“I was a bit older when I started thinking about getting pregnant so I needed all the help I could get. Lori came in like a saving grace and introduced me to her Fertility Smoothie. I drank a glass every single day when I prepped my body for each one of my  pregnancy’s" -  Molly Sims

“Ok this is a magical powder. I’ve only been taking it for 2 weeks now and all ready see a difference in my cervical mucus. I tried everything and this is amazing!!!!!” - Madelyn

We are currently going through fertility treatments and on my second IUI trial I developed 2 more follicles thanks to ONE month of your smoothie powder. (the only difference between cycles was me drinking your Seedlyfe fertility blend daily). My doctors and nurses were even surprised. They actually thought I was on extra medicine but I wasn't. Thank you for the amazing product!"

“Doing everything in this world to make your fertility the best is what I recommend. SEEDLYFE Fertility Smoothie can be a perfect way to start your day and boost your fertility.” - Dr Shahin Ghadir M.D, F.A.C.O.G

I just ordered a second refill of your fertility smoothie blend but I actually got a positive pregnancy test this morning! After just a month of taking it and trying! I'm amazed cause, I didn't have regular cycles or ovulate before and I 've noticed this with acupuncture totally balanced my hormones, increased my cervical mucas and made me feel great! - Liz

"I ordered Seedlyfe Fertility blend and the first month I started using it I got pregnant! I am now 6.5 months and loving the pregnancy blend" - Bridget

"I wanted to let you know that the pregnancy blend is amazing! I have been taking it in the afternoons when I feel I am starting to get tired and it gives me such good energy!! Thank you for making such a great product!! - Sarah

"I had E. coli during pregnancy at week 28, was really sick and lost a ton of weight. Afterwards Doctors were concerned I had IUGR and would have to have my baby early via c-section if baby didn't start growing. My doula Lori Bregman told me about Seedlyfe Pregnancy Smoothie Blend and how nutrient rich its was so I ordered it, rested and drank it daily. Now I'm 40 weeks with a healthy 7 pound baby girl and just waiting to go into labor any day now" - Ali

"I am halfway through my second pregnancy and started taking the Seedlyfe pregnancy blend a month ago. Between working full time and already having a little one at home, I have found it much harder to ensure I’m getting all the nutrients I need during this pregnancy. It was actually causing me quite a lot of stress. I was SO grateful to find this Seedlyfe blend! It’s easy to take and is pretty yummy on its own or in a smoothie. It has given me some comfort that I am getting great nutrients even on days when my food intake (or lack thereof) leaves a lot to be desired. I’ve recommended it to several friends already. As a very, very welcome bonus, within just a few days of starting to take this blend, my (really bad) eczema cleared up!! I had previously tried several steroids and other treatments, but this was almost unbelievable how quickly it went away (and the only thing that changed was me drinking one of these a day!)"

"I’m a really picky eater but want to make sure my baby still gets all the necessary nutrients during pregnancy. Seedlyfe has been a lifesaver for me! I just add it to my daily smoothie and can bring it with me easily while traveling. The best part, it’s delicious in a strawberry smoothie and you can’t even taste it!"

"I’ve tried a lot of different prenatal supplements and this one is the absolute best!! Tastes great, easy to use, and inspires me to have a healthy smoothie once a day. The ingredients are super clean, natural and mostly organic. I’ve even shared my smoothie with my toddler and he loves it! I’m feeling really energized lately. Thank you Seedlyfe for making this game changing smoothie powder for women"

"I've been drinking the pregnancy blend throughout my pregnancy (I'm 28 weeks) after loving the fertility blend (also amazing). Was especially critical first trimester. My smoothies are so much more delicious and healthy by adding it, and I truly feel so much better after drinking it! My toddler and husband even ask for it. Such a quality product and I'd highly recommend!!"

"So easy to mix quickly with water in the morning when pressed for time or add into a smoothie. Loaded with superfoods that our body needs when pregnant, I take it every morning and have noticed a difference to my skin and overall energy since I started taking it"

"I LOVE the taste of the menopause blend and have been taking it daily in my morning juice. Hot flashes are so much more manageable and I feel really great! 

"The Seedlyfe menopause blend is my greatest discovery of 2020!!  Such a yummy enriching superfood blend and so far has been a great hormonal balancer"

"Just ordered another bag of menopause powder. Obsessed! I really think it works!!

“As a dietitian/nutritionist that specializes in maternal nutrition, I can say with full confidence this is one of the my favorite products for new moms. It contains all the superfoods you need to nourish your body and baby during the postpartum period. I even consumed it myself after I had my baby and it helped increase my milk supply a ton and gave my body the fuel it needed to run my busy life.” - Jessica Diamond 

Just wanted to thank you for your New Mom Smoothie Mix. I was having a bit of a decrease in supply (I think for a combination of reasons) and just 3 DAYS of adding this to my smoothies helped me get my supply back to normal"

"I LOVE the Seedlyfe New Mom blend! I had to stop breastfeeding after 6 months, but I'm still using it daily in my smoothie as part of my postpartum recovery and plan to keep using it until I feel well rested - probably about the time my baby is 18" - Amber

“I absolutely have loved the New Mom supplement. I did not want to take anymore pills so was looking for a liquid blend and was so happy to finally find a super nutritious high quality product with no additives, fillers or preservatives!! (These make me and baby gassy so it’s totally worth the $68) It has definitely worked for me and did increase my supply and totally boosted my energy!! This was especially important as I was going back to work! You need to take it everyday and after about 2 days you will notice an increase. It has been so valuable for me as about a month ago my supply started depleting because she wouldn't latch due to using bottles. Now I'm going to keep nursing and definitely purchasing this product again and again! Also, it tastes really delicious!!”

“First of all I absolutely love the way the New Mom smoothie blend tastes!! I have tried other superfood blends and they all taste so horrible!! This one is so delicious that even when I do not have time to make a smoothie I can easily drink it in water. I had felt so depleted before taking this blend and after about a week of daily use I feel so good - plus my milk supply has increased about an extra ounce a day!!! So now I can easily store up some milk. I am so happy to have found a great tasting high quality product - there are so many junky (sugar and carb loaded) lactation products out there”

"Been taking the PMS Smoothie blend for about a month now and noticed less stomach cramps around my cycle. So happy with my purchase"

"I love the PMS powder mix in my morning smoothie. It smells so yummy and tastes so good in my smoothie. I can't wait to keep using it"

"I really love the PMS smoothie blend. It is delish and I didn't feel like I needed a nap today which is a darn miracle on day 1 of my period"

"I took the PMS smoothie blend and literally feel SO much better than I usually do on day 1 of period! Maybe its mental but I don't care!"

"Had my smoothie with the Seedlyfe PMS blend and my cramps went away instantly!!!!!!! I tried so many things!!!"

"Thank you Seedlyfe, I'm a big fan for 1.5 year now - my period cycle became a lot healthier with much less headache & cramps"

"This is the best tasting smoothy blend I have ever tried. It blends perfectly with fresh fruits adding really yummy and subtle flavor! It has been a menstrual cramp lifesaver for me. Worth every penny and more! Thank you for creating this perfect product"

"I have a friend who was using other smoothie blends by this brand and had great success. I stumbled upon the PMS blend and I cannot say enough good things about it! I noticed a lot less bloating and cramping. I also swear it brightened my mood a ton!! Great find"