A tip for all those trying to conceive #ttc

Something I do with all my clients that I do fertility coaching with is to open up a window of time. This window can be 3 months, 6 months, a year even 2. It has to be a period of time that feels good to you. If pregnancy doesn't happen during this window you can always shut it and open a new one that involves a different route.
Some examples might be:
  • For 6 months we are just gonna try without really trying.
  • For 3 months I am going to start tracking my ovulation and really try.
  • For 1 year I am going to do acupuncture, yoga and really manage my stress, eat super clean, start tracking my cycle and If nothing happens then will close that window and talk to my doctor about doing IUI’s for 6 months.
Can you see that by doing how it takes the pressure off and doesn't feel so restricted?

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