We have been getting a lot of emails and DM’s lately from women that are saying that their monthly cycles have been irregular, non-existent, or super heavy. The question they all asked, is what Seedlyfe blend would be helpful? When taken daily both our Fertility and PMS blend help balance out hormones, nourish and support your reproductive system, and help to regulate your monthly cycle. 

How do these Seedlyfe Blends actually work?

Today there is a lack of nutrients in most diets (even healthy diets! as over farming and depleted soil contribute to low nutrients) and the modern day body's demand for nutrients is so high because we are stressed, lacking sleep and bombarded with toxins and pollution. Supplementation is now so important so your body does not have to work so hard to maintain function and prevent disease.

This is where Seedlyfe comes in! Our blends are loaded with nutrient dense superfoods to fill in the gaps and get you the specific nutrients to nourish your body and thrive. The customer feedback we have had on both blends eliminating heavy cramps and assisting regular cycles has been amazing!

In the Fertility blend we include the powerful superfood Maca, which helps to balance hormones and support a healthy endocrine system. It also contains Royal Jelly which helps to decrease inflammation and balance hormones. We use COQ10 which can help improve egg and sperm health. Other big hormone balancers and fertility boosters are wheatgrass, Vitex and Shatavari root plus lots of other nutrient dense superfoods to boost your immune system!

In our PMS blend we include magnesium (common nutrient deficiency in most humans) which is vital for cellular energy production, nerve and cardiac function. We also include the powerful hormone balancer Maca along with the herbs and adaptogens Vitex, Dong Quai, Holy basil, Chaga and Red Raspberry Leaf to help ease heavy bleeding, cramping as well as to help tone the uterus. Not to mention the other 9 superfoods that provide so many nutrients to fill in the gaps in your diet!

Which Blend is best for you?

If you plan to get pregnant in the future we suggest taking the fertility blend as it will immediately help balance hormones and regulate cycles but will also help boost egg quality when taken consistently for at least 90 days (the longer you take it the stronger and healthier your eggs will be). We suggest the PMS blend for people who are done having kids or women who have painful cramps, PMDD, endometriosis or very irregular cycles. Both blends can also be taken together as we have many clients that only take the PMS blend during their cycle.

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