Journal reflections ✍🏽

This is something I normally do daily to bookend my day. The way you start off your day sets the pace for your day and how you end your day sets you up for sleep.

I didn’t do this for the last month and I noticed a big difference in my energy and attitude 😑


Here is how you can set up your day and sleep for success:


1.How am I feeling (check in)

2. Gratitude and blessings in my life

3. Who can I pray for, send love to or serve today

4. Something I like, love or am proud of about myself

5. Intention for the day (how do I want to show up for myself and others)

6. Positive Affirmation for the month write out 3 -5 times.

In the beginning of month, pick one unhealthy story you are telling yourself and turn that into a positive. Example - I’m old --> I’m youthful vibrant, healthy and shine so bright. Only write out the positive ..🙌


1. Blessings and best part of my day

2. How did I fulfill my life’s purpose today? What good have I done and what could I do better? What lessons did I learn?

3. Who can I pray for or send love to?

4. What am I wishing to manifest for myself and or the world?

5. Write out the positive affirmations again 3-5 times

Do this for 30 days or more and notice how different you feel and how abundant your life really is🌟! By the way it only takes 5-15 minutes of your day.

It’s a simple way to drop in and do some self care, inner work, and reflection.




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