Okra Water

Let’s talk Okra water.

It has been said that okra water might help a birthing mama have a faster, quicker and more slippery labor. Also known as “lady fingers” and is a huge staple food in the south. During pregnancy okra helps balance blood sugar levels, helps with anemia, is high in folate, vitamin C, K, potassium, calcium and fiber. During peri menopause, it helps prevent vaginal dryness. It has been known to aid in fertility as it promotes ovulation and boosts the libido. During birth it acts as a natural lubricant that apparently helps baby slide right out.

To make this:

Add 2 cups of cut okra to medium or large size mason jar and fill the rest of jar with water and soak overnight.

You can start drinking for labor preparation 2-weeks before your estimated due date and also during labor. Just warning you…the texture Is pretty slimy!

If you have digestive issues drink and eat in moderation.

Anyone try this and did it work?

Reminder to always check with your care provider :)

Featured is goddess Pharis Willauer with her okra water!


Birth Prep Cocktail 

3c chopped fresh Okra

5c water 

2 lemons 

1/2c frozen berries

1 squirt tart cherry concentrate  

Gentle Birth* 

(*9 droppers of gentle birth for week 35

*12 droppers of gentle birth for weeks 36-40+)


1. Mix together in 64oz. Mason jar

4. Soak overnight

5. Strain

6. Drink 1-3c daily

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