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Chlorella is a strain of green algae that grows in freshwater. We love it because It’s a superfood that has one of the highest concentrations of nutrients.
Lori would always suggest that her clients take when breastfeeding so we added it to our New Mom Smoothie Blend as it helps enrich the breast milk and reduces the amount of chemicals and dioxins from reaching the baby through breast milk. During pregnancy chlorella can help reduce up to 30% toxins, dioxins and chemicals that can pass from mother to baby and also assists in removing toxic waste from the body.
Chlorella can also boost fertility, especially for women with follicular phase issues (period – ovulation time) and can assist follicle growth producing healthy eggs.
In general Chlorella can help produce more oxygen and purifies the blood. If you want a little extra Chlorella in your diet we suggest the Sun Potion brand!

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